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change recommended maize field to accomodate jackal robot

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......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ sudo apt install ros-noetic-gazebo-ros-pkgs \
## Generating field worlds
This package includes a script (`scripts/`) that can generate randomized agricultural worlds. All parameters are optional and have default values. You can call the script using
rosrun kamaro_world --num_rows_left=2 --num_rows_right=2 --num_plant_pairs=20 --max_angle_variation=0.3 --types=maize_01,maize_02
rosrun kamaro_world --num_rows_left=2 --num_rows_right=2 --num_plant_pairs=20 --max_angle_variation=0.15 --types=maize_01,maize_02 --row_width 1.0 --plant_offset 0.5
The resulting file will be placed in `worlds/`.
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